Reno Genest
Ansys Employee

Hello Caleb,

Do you have the following in your model?

  • *ICFD_BOUNDARY_FSI and *ICFD_BOUNDARY_NONSLIP on MSMESH parts (fluid parts) around the rigid plate?
  • A boundary layer around the rigid plate? *MESH_BL.

I think your fluid mesh is too coarse for the FSI to work properly and you should include a boundary layer. In the following 2 examples:

The fluid mesh has a boundary layer and it is much finer than the structural mesh:



I would try to reproduce one of these 2 examples first. Create your own mesh and see if you can reproduce the results with a coarse fluid mesh. Then, refine the mesh, add a boundary layer and see what you get.


At last, I would also try without constraints on the rigid plate and see what you get. But, I think a finer mesh will help prevent the leakage.


Let me know how it goes.