Mehdi Saloo

Hello Jim,


Thanks ever so much for your help, I really appreciate it.

I set ERODE=1 and DTMIN=0.5 at your suggestion. I am also using TSSFAC=0.67 and ELFORM=1 for my model. When I run the model with such settings, element erosion will happen due to negative volume as you can see in the following pictures. However, the message file says 195 elements eroded but LS-PrePost shows only 2 elements eroded in the red ply! I wonder what the reason for this difference is!


By the way, this time, error termination occurs again because of the out-of-range velocities of some nodes. Please see the following picture.

Regarding the hourglass control, I do not use this option so far. I know that there are two methods to use this option, *Control_Hourglass and *Hourglass. I do not know which one I should use for my model. I also wonder which hourglass control type and hourglass coefficient are proper for my model.


Thanks in advance for your kind attention.

I look forward to hearing from you.