Hi Sampat,

No, I haven't encountered any errors. However, after a certain period, the mechanical window stops responding, prompting me to close and reopen it from the Workbench window. To provide you with more details, I initiate the AM DED simulation to obtain temperature solutions. Since I require temperature data for each timestamp in my transient analysis, I create a resultbase for each timestamp. Everything proceeds smoothly up to this point. However, when I attempt to retrieve the solution for all timestamps, which can reach up to 30,000, ANSYS crashes when dealing with a high number of timestamps but functions properly with a lower number, such as in lighter simulations.

I'm unsure about how to clear the %appdata% and change the name ".Ansys" in the %temp% file.

P.S. It appears that the process of extracting transient data may not be the most efficient one, but it's the method I've learned from this forum. Please let me know if you have an alternative approach.

Best Regards,