I have a few more questions. But soon I'll figure it all out. We still need your help.

In the LSTC project, the rotation speed is 3000 rpm and the feed speed is 100 mm/min.

But in the program they specified a feed speed of 1.6 mm at a time of 10 seconds, and a rotation speed of 3.14 rad/s at a time of 10 seconds. 

Why? 3000 rpm = 314 rad/sec, why did they divide by 100? .

How can I use my data? I have a rotation speed of 27 rad/s and a feed speed of 40 mm/s (rock drilling). 40 mm/s is so fast that the drill does not see the particles and flies right through.

I also tried using a deformable body instead of a rigid one. The calculation passed, but the stresses are very small, as I understand it they are in Pa? If it were MPa it would be logical. Why are they so small? I also used increased density as in LSTC

Why does the ring not deform or experience stress? It is connected by TIED by contact with particles: