Chris Quan
Ansys Employee

First of all, you need to check the hard disk space to make sure there are plenty of space left for simulation files.

Next, you should still be able to restart the simulation in Resume From Cycle under Analysis Settings by selecting the last Restart File. See the picture below.

Also if you were using the old ANSYS Releases and ran your models with HPC, you may reduce the number of CPUs used and then re-run the models. For example, if you were using 16 cores or 32 cores, you may reduce it to 8 cores. This will help to prevent the possible data synchronization issuess in the old releases when a large number of cores is used.

Finally, if Mass Scaling is used and the percentage of the added mass is not small, you need to check the location of mass scaled elements through user-defined results Mass_Scale. If the elements having large additional mass are in the critical regions such as impact/contact areas, it would be good to reduce the Mass Scaling Time Step.