I have one more question sir.

Previously, I created geometry in WB and exported it to LS-Dayna pre. When I prepared geomtrey in WB, I immediately indicated the core with particles. And when I opened it in LS-Dayna pret, I got SPH particles:

Despite the fact that I indicate solid_spg in PART, I think that the calculation is still based on SPH particles. Right?


The second time I did not indicate the core as particles in WB, and left the SOLID element, but in LS-Daina pre I assigned this solid solid_spg and the result turned out to be different. Now the calculation was based on SPG particles. Right?

But particles penetrate through the ring:

I look forward to your comments SIR. I think I will be able to solve this problem soon. And your answers will help someone else on the forum.