I modified my model and finally got the result. Firstly I changed tire material properties(10x), used four remote points and applied mass point in the body remote point instead of the body part. I got an acceptable result, but it differed from the paper’s result and was predictable because of the material difference.
For the next step, I added temp DOF to simulate heat generation due to friction between the Tire and runway. I add some commands to items as follows:
Tire ,Rim, and Runway parts:
Frictional contact between Tire (contat) and Runway (Target):
Bonded contact between Tire and Rim:
I didn’t encounter any error, but the temperature is ridiculously high, and I don’t have any idea about that. Temperature increases quickly after the Tire touches the runway from 22 to above 3000 Celcius degrees. Even there are negative temperatures less than -3000. I’m really confused. Can anyone help?

New Model