Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee




This is quite complex what you are doing and I can see you are not familiar with the apdl command language and how to use it inside mechanical. So I suggest to learn about these apdl commands and then look at this for instance:

As shown in the link only one command snippet under the relevant body is needed for you (see image below). The snippet changes the element and material used for that body (of course you can not use what is shown below in the image as this is just to show what I mean with the snippet under the body - you would need to have your own ET, MP and TB definitions)

Most importantly always use ET,typeids(1) or ET,MATID, MP,EX,MATID, TB,..,MATID etc. So use matid and typeids(1) and never use MP,EX,1, like you did, so numbers like 1,…

All the best