sorena shahbazi

Hello David,

Thank you for your response,

The reason for using these versions of Fortran and Visual Studio is that when I install the recommended versions (Fortran 2015 and Visual Studio 2012), in the mechanical environment when i click on Check UPF Setup, I encounter an error and it says that Visual Studio14 and appropriate Fortran must be installed, (similar to versions 19.1 and 19.2), and when I installed them, it seems to be OK.
But apart from this, I saw exactly the same problem (reading code) in other versions such as 18.2 and even 2023 (with suggested versions).
Of course, I must mention that Visual Studio and Fortran installed in the same year are the same, but in terms of updates, they may be slightly different. Is this important? For example, due to the fact that the Fortran 15.0.7 version was not available, another update of 2015 was used, and similar to this article for other versions (my opinion was that it is not very effective).

Can I tell you the linking process that I go through so that you can see if this process is complete or if something else needs to be done?
1- Visual installation
2- Installing Fortran
3- Installing Ansys
(Question: These three steps were sometimes carried out interchangeably. Does this cause problems?)

4- New definition in environment variables

5- Download and install ACT UPF4

After that, I use the following command in the geometry section for subroutine "USER_TBELASTIC" :

*tbdele, all
*tb, elastic, 1, , 2, user