Amrita Pati
Ansys Employee

Hi Finn,

If you just want to visualize the data using the script then you can use the getresult and visualize script commands. For example,

field = getresult("FEEM","fields");

However, if you want to compare the datasets from MODE and FEEM simulation (quantitative comparison), it would be much more starightforward to post-process/compare the data with MODE if we can interpolate it into rectillinear mesh. This can be acheived by the interptri script command. 

I have a sample script where I interpolate the field result in CHARGE from a triangular mesh to a rectillinear mesh. You can use a similar approach for field results obtained from FEEM.

x = linspace(-14.5e-6,0e-6,2000);
y = 0;
z = linspace(1e-06,3e-06,500);

x_no = length(x);
z_no = length(z);

Ex= matrix(x_no,z_no);
Ey= matrix(x_no,z_no);
Ez = matrix(x_no,z_no);

X = meshgrid3dx(x,y,z);
Y = meshgrid3dy(x,y,z);
Z = meshgrid3dz(x,y,z);

electrostatics = getresult("CHARGE","electrostatics");
E = pinch(electrostatics.E);
Ex_tri = pinch(E,2,1);
Ey_tri = pinch(E,2,2);
Ez_tri = pinch(E,2,3);
vtx_x = electrostatics.x;
vtx_z = electrostatics.z;
vtx = [vtx_x,vtx_z];

tri = electrostatics.elements;

Ex(:,:) = interptri(tri,vtx,Ex_tri,x,z);
Ey(:,:) = interptri(tri,vtx,Ey_tri,x,z);
Ez(:,:) = interptri(tri,vtx,Ez_tri,x,z);

image(x*1e6,z*1e6,Ex(:,:),"x (um)","z (um)","E");
image(x*1e6,z*1e6,Ey(:,:),"x (um)","z (um)","E");
image(x*1e6,z*1e6,Ez(:,:),"x (um)","z (um)","E");


Here I first define the 2D rectilinear grid (you can set this based on the MODE simulation which would make it easier to compare), where I want the fields to be interpolated to. Then I initialize the matrices where the final fields (Ex,Ey, and Ez) will be stored. Then I get the results from CHARGE and interpolate them using the interptri script command. 

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