Gianluca De Zanet

Hello peteroznewman,

Thanks for your response, and apologies for my late reply.

Just to follow up this subject, I am now having some doubts about the relationships between the quantites probed by the Beam Probe ("Axial Force", "Torque", "Shear Force at I", "Shear Force at J", "Moment at I", "Moment at J") and the User Defined Results for the Beam elements (i.e. "BEAM_AXIAL_FX", "BEAM_SHEAR_FY", "BEAM_SHEAR_FZ", "BEAM_SHEAR_FSUM", "BEAM_BENDING_MY", "BEAM_BENDING_MZ",  "BEAM_BENDING_MSUM", "BEAM_TORSION_MX").

Apart the obvious "Axial Force" = "BEAM_AXIAL_FX" and "Torque"="BEAM_TORSION_MX", it's not clear to me how to relate the others. It seems to me that the maximum of the "BEAM_BENDING_MSUM" corresponds to "Moment at I" (in my case), but then I don't get why the minimum of "BEAM_BENDING_MSUM" does not correspond to "Moment at J". In the same way, the maximum of the "BEAM_SHEAR_FSUM" corresponds to "Shear Force at I", while its minimum does not correspond to "Shear Force at J".

I need to sort out these doubts because the Shear Force (Fq) and the Bending Moment (MB) are needed in order to compute the Margin of Safety. Furthermore, as I need only one value for Fq and MB for each bolt, I would say that I should consider their maximum values?