Kshitij Singh


I read that example mentioned in verification manual, but there it is solved for case of same material of both cylinders. In my case both parts are having different material (Al alloy & structural steel). 
Here, I am using two different materials and results are having deviation of 50%. I am confused regarding how solver is considering assigned interference (radial or diametrical), as the results are having difference of 50% (factor of 2).

I am attaching my iterative comparison results below in which you can see that:

1. When I assign diametrical interference in both Analytical and FEA analysis, around 50% deviation is observed.

2. In analytical calculation if I assign interference value diametrically, it will match with FEA results if radial interference is added. 

3. I tried solving for same material following the example given in the ANSYS Help, but same problem is observed.

What should I do to solve this problem?