Thank you for your replies.
I followed your suggestions and wrote the following apdl script:


UPGEOM,5e-6,1,1, file, rst

UPGEOM,5e-6,1,2, file, rst,

UPGEOM,5e-6,1,3, file, rst,

UPGEOM,5e-6,1,4, file, rst,

UPGEOM,5e-6,1,5, file, rst,

UPGEOM,5e-6,1,6, file, rst,

UPGEOM,5e-6,1,7, file, rst,

UPGEOM,5e-6,1,8, file, rst,

UPGEOM,5e-6,1,9, file, rst,

UPGEOM,5e-6,1,10, file, rst,


It seems to work to me but, if it is possible, I would appreciate your feedback.
Thank you again