Mokshanand Gopineedi



I am encountering a similar issue while running ANSYS 2023 R2 on Windows 11 via Parallels on my M2 MacBook Pro. Fluent operates without any problems, but the geometry, surfaces, and other elements remain invisible even after updating in Design Modeler. On the contrary, Static Structural proves to be challenging; the model section throws an error related to my OpenGL version (4.1 metal) and indicates it requires version 4.5.

I am curious if there exists an older version of ANSYS, such as the widely used 18.1, that is compatible with OpenGL 4.1. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the system requirements for version 18.1, including its OpenGL specifications.

Is there an earlier version of ANSYS that supports OpenGL 4.1, which might potentially resolve most of our issues?

Thank you.