Amrita Pati
Ansys Employee

Hi Lucio,

Thanks for sharing the code! I believe the solid has not been set up properly, and it is hard to visualize that in the GUI. I added a 3D index monitor, with down sampled X,Y,Z (to reduce memory requirements) and viewed the y-z planes of the index for different values of x. 

Here is the code I used to set up the monitor:

set("monitor type","3D");
set("x span",10e-6);
set("y span",5e-6);
set("z span",3e-6);
set("down sample X",200);
set("down sample Y",5);
set("down sample Z",5);

You can add it at the end of your code. The following GIF shows how you can view the y-z planes (x-Slice, y- Plot x axis and z- Plot y axis). As you can see this is not how the structure is supposed to look. I will take another look at the set up of the structure this afternoon and get back to you. I will also recommend you to have a secon look at the setup and make sure all the facets/coordinates are accurate.