Sahil Sura
Ansys Employee

Hello Ahmet,
The error mainly arises due to improper definition of material in either the Engineering Data section or the ACP. Would you please verify the same, once ensured, the issue can be addressed. Thanks for sharing the details for the Engineering Data section, we clearly see the shear data has been defined, would you please try redefining the material or properties and updating the project, this might also help in resolving the error.
Since the problem, may be dependent on the Shear data, it might be a good way out to define the Bulk modulus data along with Youngs' Modulus and Poisson's ratio if shear data isn't available, so that the solver can compute the required values for the state.

The following links may provide better insights - 
Explicit Dynamics ( 
Adding Material Properties (
Chapter 11: Material Models Used in Explicit Dynamics Analysis ( (EOS section)

Hope this helps!



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