Sahil Sura
Ansys Employee


Hello Weihan Lin,
For this case, you are not getting the results for the linked modal analysis as the structural analysis hasn’t converged. The following can be some of the suggestions that might help you address this situation.


  • If the obtained maximum stress at the last converged step is greater than the yield stress of the material, the model is getting much more deformed than it is expected. This can be rechecked by defining proper boundary conditions.
  • Verify the contacts and the model behavior is set according to the physical behavior, unnatural rigidity or constraints cause elements to deform much more than expected.
  • Verify the geometric nonlinearities are included in the model by turning On the Large Deflection option.
  • Update the mesh and ensure considerable elements across the thickness considering this exact scenario.
  • Ramp up the load with proper increments. Considering the auto time-stepping option and defining timesteps or substeps accordingly to slowly ramp up the load will help the solution to converge.
  • Go for a linear material behavior for a particular loading portion

Please check if the following post serves helpful - Element has excessive distortion. ( 

Hope this helps!



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