Guilin Sun
Ansys Employee

It is doable but a little complicated.

First, you need to know how to run script file in background. please refer to Installing and running Lumerical on Linux without GUI

second, you need to specify the sweep parameters in "model" or structure group. If you want to sweep the layer thickess, you need to use script such as

setnamed("RCWA","interface absolute positions",[-2.25e-7+t1,4.3e-7+t2,1.1e-6+t3]);

where t1,t2, and t3 are the thickness parameters ( I have initial values there) you specify in "Setup" "Script".

please test them before run sweep.

then set the sweep object to sweep the parameters.

finally, you need to write a simple script file with this line:


Other parameters that can be swept can be found by


But you will still need to have available GUI license to run the simulation, though GUI can be not shown.

Please try.