Ali Vafa

Thank you for your reply.

I already have the steps you mentioned ready, i.e., the optimisation parameters are defined in the "model" object and the RCWA interface absolute coordinates are defined in the "setup script" of the "model" object, as you mentioned. Then, I configure the sweep settings by adding these parameters to the list of "Parameters", as shown below.

And, I can successfully run the optimisation in the GUI. However, I do not understand the final step you mentioned. If I add "runsweep();" to the script file, which is a *.lsf file, how can I run it in the linux terminal? Even the link you have provided says GUI is required to run scripts.

And if I just save the .fsp file and run it in the terminal using /opt/lumericalv232/bin/rcwa-engine-mpich2nem *.fsp, it will not run the sweep and only runs the RCWA solver for the current configuration.

Is this what you meant, or am I missing something?