Sampat Kumar
Ansys Employee

Hi Gabriel,
Thanks for your patience,
It’s supposed to be updated in the mechanical. Just for information, I think you would have updated your model by selecting “update geometry from the source” in the Ansys Mechanical, after performing the share totpology option in the SC.

There is no need to perform the sharetopology individually. You can hide the ball and perform the Share topology option in the SC on the whole body part, then do the reverse visibility and perform the Share topology on the ball only.

After performing the Sahre topology, you can show all the body and click on the unshare (just to check which geometry parts are shared or not; don’t click on the green tick; it will perform the unshared operation) under the workbench tab to check which parts are shared or not. Then, click Update the geometry from the source in the mechanical. According to your geometry and shared topology operation, there should be two connections in the Ansys Mechanical. Please let me if you have chekced all these points and still facing this issue, then we can check others things also.