Mario Mongiardini


The latter case – the imposed rotation of the rigidised part (skull of GHBMC) is causing to the neck of the human body model to deform with comsequent stress and strains of those pasrt to be carried over in the secodn simulation.

I can definitively carry over the deformed configuration using either the dynain or exporting the nodes at any desired state from LSSP, but I cannot apply intial stress to some parts that make use of MAT_FABRIC during the second run.

My goal is to use a simple restart to run a drop test after having preposited the head (with the corresponding deformed neck). However, I also need to turn the rigidised skull (with manually assigned inertia properties for the prescribed centre of rotation) back to deformable. And this appears to be possible only if I use a CNRB, which can be turned off the end of the propsotioning simualtion.