Johnny Blackwell

Hello, as I know, in a static structural analysis for breakaway moment, the blue and magenta lines in the force convergence graph typically represent different components or aspects of the analysis. geometry dash lite

  1. External Loads: External loads refer to the forces or loads applied to the structure from its surroundings or external sources. These loads can include applied forces, moments, pressure, temperature gradients, or any other external influences acting on the structure. For example, in a structural analysis of a bridge, external loads could include the weight of vehicles, wind forces, or thermal expansion.
  2. Internal Loads: Internal loads are the forces and moments that develop within the structure as a result of external loads and the structural response. These internal loads are distributed throughout the structure and affect its internal components. Internal loads can include stresses, strains, displacements, bending moments, shear forces, or any other internal forces that arise due to the applied external loads.