Aras karimi
I played a lot with the size of the front block edge of the airfoil. I mean this line:
I increased the number of nodes in this block line so that the grid of the front block of the airfoil becomes uniform, and the following figure was obtained:
But if you look carefully at the figure above, you will see that the network in front of the airfoil is very dense and has many more cells than the network on the top and bottom surface of the airfoil.
Do you know what is going on?
The point is that if I want the front block of the airfoil along with the upper and lower blocks of the airfoil to have a uniform grid, so the grid on the leading edge will be very very very small. figure below :
It seems that if one place wants to get better, another place gets worse.
I think the type of blocking should change.
what do you think?
I hope you fully understand what I mean.