Ansys Employee

This is a picture you sent of your second blocking:

As Keyur and I said, your first blocking is the one that makes the better angles:

Either way, you are not going to get real nice transitions in mesh unless you set good spacings and growth ratios with the edge params, so that is the important thing you need to do, regardless of which blocking scheme you choose. The choice of growth law is up ot you. I listed popular laws for CFD meshes. Any of the laws with "bi" in front mean growth from both sides. "Geometric" is linear growth. There is also Geometric1 and Geometric2 and other laws that have a 1 or 2 at the end. This means growth for side 1 or side 2. Exponential growth should be obvious. You can look up hyperbolic growth with some online searches. It is a general term used in CFD meshes.

The blocking I used is shown in the last picture of my previous post. Except to match the grid picture of your first post, I moved the two left-most vertices to vertical positions. These are the same two blocking schemes you proposed.