Aras karimi

The problem of unwanted network transmission found on the Internet in Farfield can be solved with the “Match Edge”.

I write the network on Fluent. I didn’t really notice the smoothness of the network. In which areas do you mean the smoothing of the network?  How can I do this?

I use “Match Edge” for the gradual growth of nodes in blocks next to each other, but there is still mesh density in the front block of my mesh (not internet mesh). Please see the following photo:


Another question: How can I apply a precise and desired distance for a smaller block near the airfoil? I created it with split block but I didn’t find an option to adjust its spacing :


I heard that “split block” is not needed to account for a smaller block near the airfoil and ICEM has an option that automatically creates a smaller block near the airfoil. Do you know anything about this?

Sorry, I have too many questions. Due to lack of time, I had to ask my questions at once.