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Please read through our responses.

We said to apply a presure use the SF command not F (force application)! I have said this 2 times at least : SF,ALL,PRES,10E3 ! use this not F,ALL,….

ALso nsel all is missing a comma just use allsel,all

Use FILE,,rst ! result file, (not sure what rfrq is no such file), and make sure to pick a node that is free so with no BC restrain (U=0), e.g., node nr 287:

So use this instead of your /post26 part (see nsol there is no comp = UZ and all commands in help manual for more info).

FILE,, rst
nsol, 2, 287, U, Z
/GRID, 1
/AXLAB, x, freq
/AXLAB, y, disp

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