Abdullah Hassan

Regarding backflow conditions: I didn't put any backflow except the temperature, like at inlet, temperature is 100C and at the pressure outlet, the backflow temp is also 100C. Condensation happens at a constant temperature. Also, I tried to reduce backflow temperature to the default setting (25C), still got the reversed flow. 

Let me show you the stats: 

Volume fraction of water vapor at inlet is 1 and water liquid at outlet is 1.

In domain, it is shown as below, water vapor 0.24 and water liquid 0.75.


Now my question is, if VF = 1 is showing for water liquid at outlet, it means all the liquid is flowing out of the domain. but still If I see the vectors of flow then the majority of flow is showing as a backflow. and I am also receiving the BACKFLOW warning from start of simulation. 

Below is the scaled residual.