Hamid R

Hello. Yes, I forcefully terminated a previous System Coupling run, and it's possible that the ".lock" file was a remnant from the previous attempt. I repeated the process in a different folder and checked the Fluent log file, which recorded the following error:

"Error at Node 0: Retcode 1: Error connecting to System Coupling at host DESKTOP-FPG0TUQ.domain.name on port 4893."

The Execution Information in the System Coupling log is as follows:

"System Coupling:

  • Command Line Arguments:
    • --guiserver -m cosimgui
  • Working Directory:
    • D:\Program Files\ElectricMotor

Ansys Electronics Desktop:

  • Execution Command:
    • "D:\Program Files\AnsysEM2023\v232\Win64\ansysedt.exe" -ng -features=SF 6694_NON_GRAPHICAL_COMMAND_EXECUTION -scport 4893 -schost DESKTOP-FPG0TUQ.domain.name -scname "AEDT-1" -runscript "ElectricMotor_2D_Transient_SystemCouplingSetup1.py"
  • Working Directory:
    • D:\Program Files\ElectricMotor\Maxwell

Fluid Flow (Fluent):

  • Execution Command:
    • "D:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc2023\v232\fluent\ntbin\win64\fluent.exe" 3 ddp -g -scport=4893 -schost=DESKTOP-FPG0TUQ.domain.name -scname "FLUENT-2" -scapis -i FLUENT-2.jou
  • Working Directory:
    • D:\Program Files\ElectricMotor\Fluent"