Swarup Tripathy

Adding to the main question, [using Ansys Electronics Desktop Student]

Q: I wish to rotate a disc comprising permanent magnets from 100 rpm (600deg/s) to 500 rpm (3000deg/s). Below, I have attached the 'setup sweep analysis' where the variable has been assigned to the magnet disc with the pm.


The resulting movement is shown below (animation speed has been increased to show the rotation)

Q1: Since I am fairly new to using Ansys Maxwell, I wanted to know if I am proceeding in the right direction or not, and is it possible to rotate the disc at a constant rpm?

Q2: Below is a graph that displays the torque by 1 PM along the Z axis vs. the rotation. Here, I couldn't understand why the torque decreases and shoots when we increase the rpm of the magnetic disc comprising PM.

Your explanations would be really helpful!