Ansys Employee

Hello Peter,

This is odd! You defined the projectile, a LAG part, with  *MAT_JOHNSON_HOLMQUIST_CERAMICS & the target, an SALE mat, with  *MAT_JOHNSON_COOK. Then SALE should not have anything to do with ceramics to complain(?).  SALE should handle Johnson-Cook just fine. Ther may be other error(?). If you have checked this carefully, you can open a case in SALESFORCE and submit the model for review. Please 

  • remove all keywords (KW) not absolutely "required"
  • organize and format the file in a clear manner such that you can read it from top to bottom and understand the physics of what you want to model.

Then send it.

[Q] I am looking to model a brittle ceramic impacting a ductile metal at roughly 1 km/s. What approach would recommend?

[A] For brittle ceramic, you can use LAG or SPG (SPG can couple to ALE, too, but how good the coupling I have not experimented much). For ductile target, ALE may be used. or SPG may also be used. In general, I feel (need concrete validations/comparisons to be sure) that SPG may be a good tool for both ductile and brittle failure modeling.


Ian Do