Elena Maier


Thank you so much for your help!

So for my specific example:

i use, as suggested, hex mesh for my halfelliptical crack and my parameters are:


and my minor radius (zweiter Radius) is 2mm you would suggest a largest conour radius of 2mm?
Besides the fact, that the contour line 6 touches itself in the middle then?

Sorry, but I still don´t understand what happens when using to "big" or "small" radii. And how to determine the right radii.
(and unfortunately my supervisor does not no the licence number yet, so I can´t use the support link from 1.)

I already tried different radii and some didn´t work, since to big or the run time was unefficient, but between 0,2mm and 1,5mm the stress intensity factor was almost the same (And I only want to know K (SIFS)).