Aras karimi

Due to the slow solving speed and non-convergence of the residuals, I stopped solving it and did not see the results.

                                          Mesh 1:  (has very good convergence)

Aspect Ratio: 1-5700

Determinant : 0.87-1

Orthogonal Quality: 0.82-1

Quality: 0.87-1

Skew: 0.69-1


                                            Mesh 2:  (has very bad convergence)

Aspect Ratio: 1-5660

Determinant : 0.895-1

Orthogonal Quality: 0.837-1

Quality: 0.87-1

Skew: 0.674-1


If you pay attention, you can see that even the quality of the second mesh is a little better than the first mesh, but its convergence is much worse and full of (Stabilizing pressure coupled to enhance linear solver robustness.) messages.

This is very strange behavior. Can the reason be discovered?