Good for your advice!
As you advised the setting of the simulation time, there was a status 1, so I reset the simulation time and waited for the results.
On the other hand, I compared two graphs from the 10 index profiles consisting of the Si/SiO2 like the below script.

In terms of the non-dispersive index data, I created Si and SiO2 with 2.5 and 1.5, respectively in the material database. I constructed the object corresponding to the setting of the length of layers and located the mode source and transmission monitor at the entry point and end of the index profiles (Si/SiO2). But, two means show the different transmitted power like the below two graphs (script data and FDTD data).
I'm trying to discover the missing point in the setup. But, it is quite hard to coincide with two graphs. Can you advise for this comparison between TMM script data and 3D FDTD data?