Nate K.

Hi Rob,

I don't belive I used the automatic sliding interface creation in Fluent... I simply created an interface under "Boundary Conditions" and then "Mesh Interfaces"... or is this the automatic creation you mentioned?
 I have added more meshing and refined it (new meshing in shown in the pics, below) and increased the max number of iterations per time step to 20, changed the time step to 0.05s, and overall time for around 18 seconds. The incoming wind is at 1.48 seconds (so slightly less revolutions per second than before).

The force plot looks good as far as it having matching values with each cycle. However, I am not sure why there is a dip right at 5.0 seconds and again right near 12.8 seconds. Seems to be two cyclic patterns happening here? Any thoughts? Is this as good as it gets? I imagine the cyclic behavior to be better but am not sure...

I'll attach the velocity contours, too.