Richard Smith

Hi Jim, thanks for the reply.

Turns out my I don't think my issue now has anything to do with DR phase or anything i mentioned above. 

To trial my job I simplified it, removed the bolts and made it totally linear with some fixed boundary surfaces (via SPC's) and just tried just running a simple modal analysis to see if anything else was up. The job still failed.

I'm running on a HPC and what I've now discovered (after the usual amount of pain) is that if I only run the job on a single core that this eigenvalue analysis solves perfectly well. As soon as i invoke more than one core it fails. These are just core(s) within one node and not across nodes.

The error doesn't give me any clues as to the problem. I know given it solves on one core that it isn't an input model issue. It always fails after the memory alert message (as seen below), leading me to think it's memory related. 

Usually for memory alocation I just use *KEYWORD 999999999 for all models running normal explicit but given this is an implicit job (which I'm not that familiar with in Dyna) this appears inadeqaute?

When, as suggested in message, I append "memory=7m memory2=6m" to the command line it still makes no difference and errors out. I can assign much more memory to both but nothing appears to fix the problem. The problem may not be memory related at all but no other clues are given in the output or the message files?

Any idea's?