Jun Luo


Thanks. I tried the method you mentioned. But I got some error. Please see below for details. 

I have three parts - one beam, one shell, and one solid. I set the intial veolcity (10 in/s) as below (I can not pick body so I choose all the points). I got an error message as, the setup is also shown below.

 *** ERROR ***                           CP =       1.609   TIME= 16:12:36
 There is at least 1 small equation solver pivot term (e.g., at the ROTY
 degree of freedom of node 12).  Please check for an insufficiently     
 constrained model.       

Is there any setup I need to revise? Thanks. 

2nd question is about the the initial velocity method. Looks like it does not work correct on line (beam). I did a simple test case. the beam’s velocity is only 1/3 of the assigned value. Can you confirm this, or is it cause by my setup is not correct? See below for deformation and velocity result.