Milad Entezami



I wanna model THz photoconductive antenna with FDTD and Charge modules. In the FDTD module, I excited the photoconductive material with a single-frequency Gaussian pulse in the time domain as a source. I wanna calculate the electron-hole pair generation rate under pulse illumination in each time step and transfer it into the Charge module to calculate the photocurrent. However, I could see that in optoelectronic modules FDTD, there is only a CW generation rate which calculates the generation rate under CW illumination. Is there any scripting way to modify this module to export the generation rate in each time step under pulse illumination? I think we need to calculate the time-varying P_avg in each time step and then calculate the generation rate. There would be another question on how to import the time-varying generation rate in each time step in Charge module ?