Elena Maier

Hey Rohith,

thank you so much for your answer and sorry that I didn´t try to script in the mechanical scripting before try it in the python extension.

Now I tried to run it in the mechanical scripting before. I have different problems:

1. I don´t know how to export a table instead of the pictures in ANSYS (because I want to export all the results of the stress intesity factor).

2. Which ObjectCategory is used for the StressIntensityFactors? (I can´t find it and also the things that mechanical scripting suggest are not the result I am searching for, thats what I tried to do with this lines:

if result.DataModelObjectCategory == DataModelObjectCategory.SIFResult:  # Check if it’s a stress intensity factor result

sif_table = result.Tables.FindObject(“Stress Intensity Factor K1”), I tried to get access to the fracture tool)

3. Only the data for the current DesignPoint is exported and the others aren´t.

4. If I run the mechanical script with the original code from the website, nothing happens.

I know this is a big question, and probably the forum is not the right place for it, but I don´t know where else to ask, since I can´t find any information about it. Normally I am not using the mechanical scripting function and use the graphical user interface, that´s why I have so many questions. Sorry for that.

It would be great, if you could help me, because it seems that there is no other way to export data automatically from different design points in any other way.

Best regards,