Gorilla Koala


Hi Erik, Thank you so much. 

Based on your answer I updated the figure. So the Harmonic Acoustics can calculate the sound propagating to So we can calcuate the sound propagation inside the steel pipe region and the cement region (exterior region) but cannot calcuate the sound propagation inside the water region and its incidence to the exterior region.


  • Honestly I still couldn’t why the sound propagation inside the water cannot be calculated (Sorry for being so persistent). If my understanding is corrct, the sound source data is transfer to face. If we apply the imported CFD Pressure to the face between water and the pipe, isn’t it impossible to treat the water region as an exterior region? 
  • Can we transfer the part of acoustic data? We think that a small leakage on a pipe wall makes significantly loud sound (like the figure below). If we apply the Imported CFD Pressure to the wall only around the leakage, the rest of the water region becomes exterior region. 
  • If you have any recomended other way including adding user defined function or somthing, wound you please let me know?