Lito Yap
Ansys Employee

@Jordi Lopez Leyva,

Sorry to hear that you are having issues running FDTD on your cluster. To troubleshoot, please assist us with the following:

  • Which Linux distro and version are you running on? 
  • Which version of Ansys Lumerical are you using? 
  • Do you run/submit to a job scheduler using a script? 
  • Does the simulation run successfully?
    You can check the "simulationfilename_p0.log" file if the simulation is completed. 
  • Can you open the simulation on your local desktop to view the results? 
  • Are you using the bundled MPICH2 to run the simulation?
  • Please send the sample execution line you used to run the simulation on the cluster.
e.g. /opt/lumerical/v232/mpich2/nemesis/bin/mpiexec -n 32 /opt/lumerical/v232/bin/fdtd-engine-mpich2nem -t 1 simulationfile.fsp