Lito Yap
Ansys Employee

@lumos zhang,

Based on the information you provided, you are running the Ansys license manager on port 1055 on your local computer (1055@localhost) and not on a different license server. 

  1. Please delete ALL the "Lumerical preference.ini" files from your user's folder on your computer. 
    >Ansys Lumerical product preference files – Ansys Optics 
  2. Open Ansys Optics Launcher and configure Lumerical as shown in the Knowledge Base (KB).
    >Lumerical license configuration with the Ansys Optics Launcher – Ansys Optics   
    **If the Ansys license manager is up and running and hosting the licenses on the same local computer, re-enter localhost - Apply and Restart the Launcher when prompted
  3. The Launcher should automatically detect the correct license type that is running on the Ansys LM on your local computer. 

Hope this helps.