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can you explain a bit more about what you mean by results are not convincing? Have you tried inserting a contact tool in the result and analyizing contact behavior? 

If you have not gone already, I would recommend the following two courses:

Contact Mechanics
Fundamental Topics in Contact

The first course delves into the study of the mechanical interaction of structures at their surfaces, which is essential in many applications. It covers the mechanism of contact problems, the physics of contact, and how it is captured in numerical models. The course also discusses the right contact formulation for each problem and provides several practical applications where contact models are pivotal.

The second course discusses a few fundamental topics in contact and demonstrates the use of Ansys Mechanical software in modeling contact. It provides various examples to demonstrate the designation of contact and target sides when parts with different mesh sizes, different geometries, or different material stiffnesses encounter one another.

Please note that these courses are available online and you can access them through the provided links.


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