Amrita Pati
Ansys Employee

Hi Alisa,

The error messages in CHARGE can be very generic sometimes. It can be a bit challenging to pinpoint the issue without running some tests, but we can look at some relatively simpler considerations and eliminate them:

  1. Partition the simulation domain, this will enable the "Check" button. Click on "Check" to see if there are any error/warnings.

    If there are, can you send a screenshot?
  2. Check that there is no gap in between the geometry objects. In my experience, the users sometimes leave a small gap between the objects (along one or more directions) which can cause errors. If there are any overlapping objects, make sure that their mesh order is properly set.
  3. If you have extremely small features, make sure that the max and min edge length are small enough to resolve them. But at the same time, if the simulation domain is large and there are no fine features, but the edges are extremely small it can also cause error. To avoid this make the mesh coarser. 

Let me know what you find out from these.