Not Lah Enough

Just did the Eulerian simulation, and the result gets even weirder. Still no vapor formed even when the evaporation frequency increased to 4 million s-1 even though the temperature around the inlet (note that this is water phase temperature) increased to whooping 1500 K (I stopped the simulation when this happened, at physical time of around 0.1s. Perhaps I still missed something here?

Here’s the multiphase setting for the Eulerian simulation:

Inlet boundary condition:

Initialization setting:

Note that I added an initialization patch at the region just above the inlet (which the simulation immediately crashed without), which entails vertical (z-direction) velocity of liquid ammonia.


Edit: The evaporation didn’t also occur regardless of the evaporation frequency input (I tried all the way to outrageously high values like 4e+11 s-1). I guess for some reasons (maybe in three-phase or more cases) the evaporation transfer is inadvertently turned off, no?