Harinath Vudumula
Ansys Employee


  1. how to determine the value of Vpeak? Ans: It depends on you design, at what voltage you are going to operate the machine.
  2. why the load torque is 4.7746 Nm while I want to apply 5 Nm (load torque) (when I set the moment of inertia value the speed also increases) and Why doesn't the voltage equation have a delta variable? Ans: As per the data given by you (30kW and 60000rpm), if you back calculate torque it  will be 4.7746 Nm. if you want to give 5 Nm, you can give. If you consider the mechanical transients in motion setup we need to check the results in the steady state. The speed may increase or decrease, it will depends on the setup and speed will settledown in steady state.  The variable delta is not required if you consider mechanical transients, the rotor position will adjust as per the load.
  3. how can I connect the coil in the star (do you mean using group winding?) Ans: Yes 



Thank you,

Harinath Vudumula.