thank you so much, for compressible flow, it is recommended to use total pressure and a zero operating pressure, 

for incompressible flow, we break the total pressure into a non-zero operating pressure and a relative pressure (the static pressure), to reduce the numerical errors

1)what about evaporation in my problem, when using the VOF model, while the water vapor phase is considered to have a fixed density?

in evaporation, shall I still use a non-zero operating density+static pressure?

if so, or in my case as it is open to the atmosphere, the pressure outlet BCs would be zero


2)Also, in the below image, for the Boussinisque parameters, everything is correctly set (the minimum phase average method)?


3)what about the operating temperature?

shall I set the evaporation temperature (the saturation temperature) for that which 373.15 is

or the hot plat temperature which 373.15+8 is.

which one do you recommend?


4)Technically using a fixed density for the vapor water phase is correct for evaporation? (in this range of temperature 373.15+8=hotplate)

what if the evaporation frequency is high like 10^4, Does it influence your answer?

I read some discussions of your and DrAmine answers had about the evaporation frequency and LEE model

one that could find it now was this

I wonder if you could help me with these questions, to save your time and other peoples will search and face the same questions, I numbered the questions