Nate K.


Thanks for replying.

I have entered the TUI command “define/boundary-conditions/modify-zones/slit-face-zone wall-interior” but got the error message in first pic. 

Also, perhaps the error has to do with this, and this is something I just discovered: the red circle / wall is actually defined as having two sides: “wall-interior” and “wall-exterior”. I have taken a screenshot displaying this text… clicking on each side of that narrow red circle — right on the red circle itself but teeny bit to one side — leads to the ”wall-interior” and “wall-exterior”… so if the red line was a wall then if I click on the outside edge of the wall I get “wall-interior” and clicking on inner edge gives “wall-exterior”… yes, it is backwards… inner side actually displayes “wall-exterior”… not sure the backwards part matters, sharing for whatever it’s worth.