Gary Stofan
Ansys Employee


When I attempt to start Ansys Workbench, it produces "Permission Denied" script errors. The user may also describe the following symptoms: - Grey screen - Gray screen -Blank screen - Windows Panes appear to be split - Unable to import or attach any geometry files, even simple models that worked previously. - Plugin Error : Attach Failed for any model - Workbench stops responding (locks-up or freezes).

Product Family: Workbench

Product: ANSYS Workbench




1. In the DM or Simulation Toolbar, Try:

View > Windows > Reset Layout

2. Reset all of the Workbench settings and preferences by renaming the following directory; 

Rename the directory: 




Note: You can easily get to the users Application Data directory by entering %APPDATA% in Windows Explorer or My Computer Address field.