A short update on my simulation again:

I reflected on the approach of the simulation and the strange physics which appear so different from what I expected. There are two possibilities on why the simulation seems to fail for my purpose:

1. There is something wrong with my model

2. My expectations are faulty and the simulation is in fact correct

One thing which I always had to remind me of is that this simulation depicts a tiny, tiny extract from the real situation. The microscopic behaviour of the resin is a whole other story than its macroscopic.

The main problem I have with my simulation results is the fact, that the resin doesn´t seem to bother to flow downwards again after the fibers have diven into the resin. I made a simple test where I put the resin in the upper left corner of the model and deactivated the motion of my fibers to see how the resin reacts to the gravitational force.

This is once again variable time stepping and the simulation depicts the behaviour for a time of 185 seconds.

From this test I concluded, that my model is in fact correct and the resin will eventually flow down again, but it takes quite a long time for this to happen. Since the mass of the resin is really, really small, since its volume is really small as well, the gravitational force needs a lot of time to set the resin, which is holded altogether by its viscosity, into motion.

So as a conclusion, I can state that I expected a physical behaviour which would be provided by a macroscopic simulation model. But since it is a microscopic model, my expectations were simply illusionary. 

I have to conclude that this approach is not suited for the purpose it was intended for.

Feel free to comment on what you think of my conclusion and if you think I am right oder not etc. I would really like to read others opinions about this.

I will mark this thread as solved in the meantime.