"In a Structural model you add the number of elements to the number of nodes in the mesh, the sum should be less than 32k.  That is more strictly enforced and sometimes, the solver goes off and creates a lot of contact elements and refuses to run because the additional elements created push the model over the 32k limit even though the mesh you see in Mechanical was < 32k."


The website states nodes/elements which I thought meant that neither nodes, nor elements should exceed 32k.(https://www.ansys.com/academic/free-student-products). Maybe it would be nice to change that to clarify. (something like nodes+elements).

Anyway, do you maybe have a suggestion for a workaround for people who do have to solve problems that go beyond the limits of the student license without buying Ansys? I know this is a long shot but I thought it is worth to ask. I am working on my graduation project and I want to do a modal analysis of two parts that are connected. I can analyze them separately but it is necessary that I examine the dynamic behavior of the combined system. 

Thanks for your input